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About IE6NO

IE6NO site is designed to promote upgrading of the browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) to a more modern browser.

Why do you need to upgrade IE6 to another browser

Internet Explorer 6 is not just a browser of the old version, it is an outdated browser, the browser of the old generation. So it cannot provide all the possibilities that can be provided modern browsers. IE6 was released in 2001, since then the 7th, 8th and 9th versions have been released, the 10th version is coming, thus it is time for the 6th version to go away.

As any web developer will tell you how it is difficult to support an acceptable performance and operability of site for IE6. IE6 is just simply not compatible with existing web standards! Gradually, the sites owners no longer take care of performance of their sites in IE6, and even some popular web services have completely given up support for this browser. And Microsoft Corporation, as a developer of Internet Explorer 6, recommends to install a new versions of its browser.

Whichever of the modern browsers you choose to replace IE6, you get faster, more convenient, more secure Web browser, through which you can have a better experience using almost any site!

Why do people still use IE6

Unfortunately, statistics says that many people still use IE6 today. Some of them do it out of ignorance, others are no hurry to make any changes. But there is another group of users who use IE6 compulsively. The problem is that this program is an integrated component of the Windows operating system and it is already installed by default, so no need to install another. And sometimes it is impossible to use a newer version of Explorer on outdated operation system.

There are corporate users. Large companies are very slow to provide any changes. Here we must also take into account the fact that some companies use applications that need IE6 and are not compatible with newer versions.

However, in most of these cases it is possible to install an additional, modern Web viewing software. Upgrade your browser and enjoy a more convenient and safe surfing in the world global network!


You may copy IE6NO code from this page, and implement it on your site. Then email me with your site address and a copy of your logo, and your logo will be placed here. You can contact me also from Contact page.

If you like easy customized javascript solution, you are welcome to this page.

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